Marti Elementary School

Bond 2018


Room# 402

Class Schedule:
7:50-8:00 Wrangler Roundup
8:00 Unpack/Prepare for Day/Morning Meeting/Whole Group Phonics
8:45-9:45 Reading/Writing/Small Groups
9:45-10:20 Math
10:30 Recess 
11:10 Lunch
11:45 Math
12:05-12:50 RTI
12:55-1:40 PE
1:40  Math/Snack
2:00 Science/SS and Exploration Centers
3:00 Clean up/Pack up 

My conference time is 12:55-1:40 every day. If you need anything please feel free to email, call the office, or send a note! Thanks!

I'm so excited about this school year!! I graduated from Tarleton State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. I live in Cleburne with my husband, daughter, and two sons. I love teaching Kindergarten at Marti :).

This year we will be learning how to write and read! We will also learn how to recognize and write numbers 0-20, count to 100, add and subtract, measure, identify 2D and 3D shapes, create and read graphs, and so much more!