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Third Grade » Welcome to Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade!!!!

Why the Jump to 2nd to 3rd Grade is the Biggest Leap Your Child will Make


  1. In K-2, students are still pretty much “hand-held.” In third grade, they will be expected to function more independently.
  2. Through 2nd grade kids learn to read. Now, they will read to learn, so it is critical that they possess grade level skills in this area.
  3. In grade K-2, concepts taught were generally concrete; now students will begin to explore abstract ideas in many subject areas.
  4. For the first time, students will be tested on their reading and math skills in a formal, standardized test.


Social changes can be difficult at times and can affect school performance. Parents should continue to monitor, while giving their children freedom to grow.  


Other Faculty and Staff Members You Might Need:
Mrs. Boedeker – Principal
Mrs. Null – Asst. Principal
Mrs. Vanwinkle -Counselor