Read A Book Tonight With Your Wrangler!!!

Marti Elementary School

Mr. Godfrey, a.k.a "Mr. Carpool Christmas Tree," Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas!
5th Grader Brock Easley is the Marti Spelling Bee Champion for 2017-2018!  Congratulations Brock!
Merry Christmas from Mrs. Hazle's GT Class!!

Coach Schult and Coach Cruz Showcasing Their Skills!!

After a good tug of war, you always need some cold sweet tea! 

2017 Field Day -- Second Grade Sack Races

Mrs. Rhoades' Class is the 2017 Field Day Tug of War Champions for kindergarten! Way to go! 

Mr. Edmonds' 4th grade class is the Tug of War champions at the 2017 Field Day. Congrats! 

2017 Field Day even had an obstacle course challenge.

Marti Wranglers learn to Never give up, to Encourage others and to Do their best from The NED Show.